Successfully Delivers its third Offshore Product to the Finish Partner Tieturi Vision Oy

Cairo, Egypt – April 1, 2007 – For the third time in a row, GNSE successfully delivers a new high-quality solution to the Finish partner, Tieturi Vision Oy. Despite the project’s tight time constraints, GNSE was set to take the challenge and deliver a top-notch end product on schedule, while maintaining the high quality standards it has always been keen to sustain.


Due to the customer’s pressing marketing requirements, the solution had to be finalized and released in less than two weeks. The development team at GNSE was required to kickoff the project even though the solution requirements were still under development. Seeing these critical project conditions, GNSE decided to raise the status to “mission critical”.

By the end of the first week, a prototype was almost ready for preliminary evaluation. The feedback was highly positive, leading the way to Beta version on the 10th day of the project schedule.

“The customer feedback was very good. Overall satisfaction of the product was excellent” said Mr. Jukka Ropponen, CEO of Tieturi Vision Oy, commenting on the final product provided by GNSE. “This looks quite promising. Let’s keep up our good cooperation” concluded Mr. Ropponen.