Participation in ICEL July 2012

In the continuation of our participation in Regional and International specialized events in e-Learning.

GNSEGroup_ICELJuly2012_Pic004GNSE Group has participated in the first “international conference on E-learning in the Arab World ICEL 2012, Challenges and perspectives for Development”

This conference was organized by the EELU and sponsored by GNSE Group as a response to knowledge society demands, the rapid changes in ICT, the new developments in e-learning, and the growing needs in the Arab society to int
eract with various spaces of knowledge society.


The conference’s aims at investigating and discussing the following themes:
  • Recent E-Learning trends on international, regional and national levels.
  • Challenges of e-learning implementation in the Arab world and Egypt
  • Perspectives of disseminating the culture of e-learning and recognition of its outcomes
  • E-learning support mechanisms including technical, academic and administrative.
  • Developing learning management systems and delivery services.

Badrul H. Khan, Ph.D. is aworld-renowned speaker, author, educator and consultant in the field of e-learning and educational technology. Professor Khan has the credit of first coining the phrase Web based instruction and popularizing the concept through his 1997 best-selling Web-Based Instruction book which paved the way for the new field of e-learning.Through his teaching and publishing, Professor Khan has been instrumental in creating a coherent framework for Web-based instruction, training, and learning. In his first book, Web-Based Instruction, he took a leadership role in defining the critical dimensions of this new field of inquiry and practice at all levels of education. Reflecting its enormous acceptance worldwide, Web-Based Instruction has become a bestseller and has been adopted by over 350 colleges and universities worldwide. His second book Web-Based Training is a landmark book that covers all aspects of Internet’s World Wide Web for training at all levels.

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